The Wilhelm Reich Foundation is a fund-raising organisation aiming to support projects, which further the qualitative development and promote the establishment of body psychotherapy (BP).
In practice, this could imply financial support to set up and execute basic scientific research or meaningful effect-research. On the content level, any theoretical studies and research projects that bring us closer towards truthful knowledge beyond our concepts, paradigms and methods, would be welcomed.
So would be studies on the effects of specific BP-interventions, or on BP-treatment of specific phenomena and symptoms. The WRF is also open to supporting projects that demonstrate that BP can be applied in educational and healthcare settings. Likewise, any studies where BP, from its particular perception and knowledge, can identify and analyse problematic societal phenomena will have a warm interest from the WRF. Funding could also mean support for the realization of relevant articles, books and translations. Further, the WRF will take into consideration those initiatives that bring information on BP to a wider public through publications and media presentations.

Body psychotherapy has developed 0ver the last fifty years from various therapeutic modalities, which have in common that the body is seen as an in-separable part of the human organism and of human functioning. Therefore, the body is a genuine element in all psychotherapeutic processes. Nowadays BP, as a scientifically based profession, is engaged in the challenging processes of further elaboration and development, as well as grounding itself in science and society. The heart of these developments is located within in the European Association for Body Psychotherapy, EABP, and its American sister-organization, USABP. Their joint journal, the International Body Psychotherapy Journal, appears regularly since 2013.

Fund-raising for Body Psychotherapy